Celebrity Trend Alert: Dip-Dyed Dogs

Alessandra Ambrosio and her newly purple/pink pup. (via PacificCoastNews.com)

Little dogs have always been a hot accessory among the celeb-set.

But now, after supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted out and about yesterday with her newly pink and purple—yes, pink and purple—pup, we can't help but wonder if this candy-colored trend is catching on with all of Hollywood's glitterati. 

This past January, Emma Watson was photographed walking a pink poodle. The internet burst forth with heapings of outrage, but then she denied (via Twitter) that it was even her dog, and claimed the pup was dyed pink to raise money for cancer research. Riiiiiight.

Jersey Shore's JWOWW also has two mini pink and purple pups, as does Aubrey O'Day. A quick Google shows that there are tons of salons around the country that specialize in dog hair dye (and can even make them look like a different species! Panda dogs anyone?).

Aubrey O'Day on the left and Jwoww on right with their pink and purple pooches. (via FameFlynet Pictures)

Obv, PETA isn't pleased. Are you? Would you dye your dog's fur? Let us know in the comments!