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Emo is a genre of music that originated from hardcore punk, though today's Emo is heavily influenced by pop punk. The Emo lifestyle has been burdened with many stereotypes, such as all Emo's are depressed, wear all-black and cut More on the Emo Scene
themselves. Actually, the word itself has come to describe a lifestyle. It's a shock to some people, when they realise emo is a way of life, a deep and artistic culture and a genre of music, and not just a superficial clothing style. In this guide you will find out how to look Emo - cutting away from the untruths and myths, and getting into the real fashion.

Emo Tips

  • Know the difference between emo and scene
  • Arm bands, chokers, wrist bands and piercings all help define your own personal style and add to the Emo look.
  • Remember that Emo is more about the music than the clothes.
  • People think that Emos have to wear dark colors. There are other colors to wear. Many wear bright, neon colors, such as hot pink, bright green, and bright yellow. (this is more of a sceney thing)
  • It's good to get an idea about the Emo culture, since you are trying to immerse yourself into the scene. Falling into stereotypes will only make people hate you; ignorant posers are never popular. So don't just dress Emo if you don't know anything about it, or you will definitely be called a poser.
  • Don't become the generic "I hate life", "I'm so depressed", "I cut myself" or "I want to die" Emo kid. If you feel this way you should consult a doctor. Emo is not about being depressed.
  • If you care about what people think about your style then Emo isn't for you, because Emos don't care what other people think about them!
  • Not all of your skinney jeans HAVE to be black of dark colored. Bright random colors are becoming very popular in the Emo culture too,and jeans with random prints like leopard,plaid,or zebra.

Things You'll Need to Look Emo

  • Make up
  • Emo Clothes
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Cool shoes
  • Includes Belts too
  • Your own hair style.

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