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Erendira Wallenda Nik Wallenda Performs At Circus Sarasota
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Erendira Wallenda Picture Erendira Wallenda Picture Erendira Wallenda Picture
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By Jill Slattery on
Nik Wallenda made history on Sunday night with an attempt to cross a tightrope 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon.The 34-year-old daredevil/aerialist earned his seventh Guinness world record when he walked across a tightrope above Niagara Falls last year. This time, though, Wallenda will not be wearing a harness of any kind.Nik Wallenda, who is a seventh-generation member of The Flying Wallendas family of aerialists, is married to Erendira Wallenda, a...Read Full Story