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Eric Massa (D-NY) Not Seeking Reelection

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Put down Eric Massa as yet another Democratic pol who will not be seeking another term 2010 elections draw near. Massa, a freshman congressman representing western New York, said he was withdrawing from the race due to health concerns. He has previously been treated for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  "This last December I underwent my third major cancer re-occurrence scare," said Massa on a conference call, as reported by the Washington Post. "It was a very intense and personal experience. It...Read Full Story

Eric Massa (D-NY) Vows to Vote for Single Payer, "Against the Interests of My District"

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Eric Massa (D-NY) apparently does not enjoy being elected. That's the only thing we can assume after his comments today that he would "vote adamantly against the interests of my district" in favor of single-payer health care, no matter how many of constituents wanted him not to.Noble or foolhardy, the comments are sure to make Massa a lightning rod in the continuing fight over health care reform. Already one conservative blog is writing , "Let's hope his self-described "right-wing Republican...Read Full Story