Erin Wasson Might Be the Most Naked Person at the MTV VMAs This Year

By Darrick Thomas on
The VMAs have a long history of revealing red carpet fashion. Remember Rose McGowan's butt making an appearance? Or Lil Kim's left boob? So who's going to push the fashion envelope at this year's ceremony? So far, supermodel Erin Wasson is leading the field, even though, oddly enough, she completely covered.Confusing, I know, but here she is:Fully covered in sheer is hardly fully covered. See more Erin Wasson photos:Read Full Story

WATCH: Rihanna Promotes Her Upcoming Fashion Reality TV Show 'Styled to Rock'

By Lani Conway on
If you haven't heard, Rihanna will be debuting her fashion reality TV show Styled to Rock later this year on the Style Network. The show will pit 12 up-and-coming designers against each other as they compete to craft the most creative, fashion-forward looks for entertainment's A-list talent. Fashion director Mel Ottenberg, model Erin Wasson, and smooth crooner Pharrell Williams are set to be the show's mentors. In the short, 11-second glittery promo spot for the TV show is pretty straight...Read Full Story