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The holidays are here and Netflix is removing All I Want For Christmas... Weird. But, they're adding some other X-mas stuff to replace it. (The Santa Clause and its sequels will have to do.) As for the non-holiday new additions, check out Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. II, Planet Earth II, Bright, Season 2 of The Crown, and Season 4 of Peaky Blinders. But those are just a few of the new additions. You'll see them all ahead

As for what's expiring on Netflix in December, the list is much bigger than All I Want For ChristmasIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will no longer be available. And, movie wise, we're losing some good ones: Nightcrawler, Young Frankenstein, Amores Perros, Waking Life, and The Queen Of Versailles, just to name a few. So watch them quickly and check the dates in the slideshow ahead to see what else is leaving.