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Attempted Times Square Bombing Suspect Faisal Shahzad

By Livingly Staff on
Pakistani-born US citizen Faisal Shahzad, 30, (R) was pictured above in a courtroom sketch during a brief federal court appearance on May 18th, 2010.  This court appearance took place in New York City. Faisal Shahzad is the admitted plotter behind the failed car bombing of Times Square. Faisal Shahzad is being tried in federal court on terrorism and mass destruction charges.Shahzad has reportedly implicated himself in the crimes, and given information to authorities since his arrest, since...Read Full Story

Faisal Shahzad Facebook Reveals Suspected Times Square Bomber

By Deena Bustillo on
Faisal Shahzad was taken off a plane bound for the Middle East late Monday and arrested for the failed attempt at exploding a bomb in an SUV in New York's Times Square over the weekend, according to CBS. The Pakistani-born US citizen's photo was revealed through his Facebook page. Oh, social networking. The man was on a plane headed for Dubai when FBI agents and NYPD detectives stopped the plane while it was taxiing at JFK airport last night. He apparently made last-minute flight...Read Full Story