Colt Single Action Production Dates

By Livingly Staff on
A little history about one of the greatest single action guns in history, from Guns Magazine: From 1873 to 1941, more than 350,000 Colt Single Actions in more than 30 calibers were produced. Half of the big guns were made in .45 Colt and the rest in .44-40. The next two most popular calibers were the .38-40 and the .32-20.Read Full Story

Bush Considering a Proposal to Allow Loaded Weapons in National Parks

By John Newlin on
We’ve all been there: hiking around a tranquil forest, taking in the lush old-growth trees, listening to the soothing trickle of a nearby waterfall when suddenly, BLAM! Out of nowhere, you’re caught in the crossfire of a gang shoot out. And what’s worse: You’re unarmed. A proposal being pushed heavily by the NRA could change all that. Right now, visitors can bring in firearms to national parks, they just have to be unloaded and out of reach. The new proposal would allow visitors to carry...Read Full Story