A Visual Guide to How We Felt About Pop Culture in 2015

From 'Star Wars' and 'Jurassic World' to Channing Tatum and One Direction.

Design: Rafael Hidalgo

Pop culture in 2015 was a mixed bag of emotions. Like in years past, we cheered our hearts out (you go, Viola Davis), laughed our butts off (thank you, Amy Schumer), and felt the weight of dramatic darkness on our shoulders (Jon Snow, why?). We lamented the death of true love, and mourned Hollywood's fallen heroes (RIP Leonard Nimoy). Basically, there were way too many feels to keep track of. 

A Visual Guide to How We Felt About Pop Culture in 2015

2015 was the year Adele returned with a record-breaking vengeance, and the year we spent mad cash at the box office (Star Wars, Jurassic World). In TV, we welcomed Empire and Netflix's Jessica Jones with open arms, and said good-bye to several late night legends. Of course, you couldn't go anywhere on the Internet without hearing about Taylor Swift and her still-growing #Squad. And that was just the beginning. So much happened in 2015, it can be hard to remember everything. With that in mind, we created this nifty (and interactive!) infographic to jog your memory and determine who were the year's biggest winners and losers.

A Visual Chart to How We Felt About Pop Culture in 2015

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