Predicting Christian Bale's Win Over Woody Harrelson Just by Watching the Trailer for 'Out of the Furnace'

Christian Bale leads an all-star cast in Scott Cooper's (Crazy Heart) crime thriller Out of the Furnace. In the film, Bale plays an ex-steel worker who tries to track down his brother (Casey Affleck), who goes missing after he pisses off Woody Harrelson's menacing character. From here, a new breed of justice is clearly on display. Sure, there's official swat teams and cops (played by Forest Whitaker), but there's also a gun-wielding, armed-and-pissed-off Bale who uses bravery, hope, and mad skill to take on Harrelson and his band of wood-dwelling crooks.

Although this match-up might look like Harrelson and those dirty punches (see the 1:14 mark) are in it for the win, here's why we think Bale has the edge and will inevitably triumph:

He's got a lot of really big guns:

He's a "good kid with a good heart" (or, so says his ailing father):

He's also a God-fearing man, which, to some, is a good thing:

Zoe Saldana has got his back (and that's always definitely a good thing):

He straight-up knows how to kick Woody Harrelson's ass in true Batman-style (but sans mask):

It's only "man down" from here.

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