Lil Wayne Mentions Frank Ocean's Sexuality in New Rap

(Getty)It sounds a little like Lil Wayne is overcompensating for something on his new remix of Future's "Turn on the Lights." While explicit sexual content is nothing new in the rap game, Wayne's verses these days are so over-the-top raunchy it's almost as if he's trying to craft an über-macho antithesis to Drake's touchy-feely gimmick.

You'd think that someone who raps about sex so often wouldn't need to address his sexuality. But then Weezy wouldn't have been able to deliver the boner of a line, "Tell her I skate / I ain't got no worries / No Frank Ocean, I'm straight."

See what he did there? Totally subtle.

Ocean isn't the only star to get name-checked in the song: Wayne also raps, "And when we get together she be on that Miley Cyrus / Totally eat each other up like some Somalians."

Don't try too hard to decipher what that means.

Ugh. Listen to the song over at Rap Radar. Or just watch Frank Ocean's new music video for "Pyramids," but be warned: It includes both lady nipples and John Mayer's guitar face.

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