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Free PSP game downloads are fun, but these videos are funnier:

For more gaming news and polls:

Q: Free PSP Games? Is it Possible?
A: YES -

Simply put, the answer is yes, but like most things in life, things are not so "simple". 
The PSP (PlayStation Portable) was from 25 March 2005, and since this was the best handheld game and media device, the world has seen. A key feature of PSP is the ability to download games, movies, music, multimedia and more on the PSP. 
When it comes to games for the average PSP user, you can always try the "free" option. I do not recommend this option, and I will not all the "recommend" places to download free PSP games. The biggest problem with downloading these pages is that each download will be accompanied by a number of spyware and adware. The second problem is the low speed of downloads, and you can end 3 days to 3 weeks to download a single sentence. The lenghthy download speed is perhaps not so bad for those who can not afford the payment of places, but certainly not worth sacrificing the functionality and the privacy of your computer. Remember that nothing in life is never "free" and you always get what you pay (in this case, you pay only criteria, and you have a lot of things we do not want to!) 

Do not worry just yet! Hope is not lost. 
Many safe  and reliable Web sites, which are now in the area of network provides quick and easy download of the latest PSP games, movies, music and much more! There are many of these pages, then, as you know which one to choose? Some sites require monthly fees, while others offer lifetime memberships such as

The best solution is to go to a site that offers access to unlimited downloads with lightening speeds (usually about $ 35 - $ 45). This is  By far the best option. It is not necessary to pay more than a single PSP game', but it is incredibly fast download speeds, new titles are released safe and download. 
To find the best PSP site, visit

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