Why do you want to do a reverse cell phone lookup?
To figure out who just tried to call me, from my missed calls log

1. Try Google.  In the search box, type in the number that you are looking for. If the number's owner has posted it on his/her blog or website, you may be able to figure out his/her name or company from the search results.

2. Try searching on the major social networks.  Even if you can't easily find the phone number through Google, you may be able to find it listed on various social networking sites' search functions. Try: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr.

3. You can always just call the number.  Explain to whoever answers the phone that you've receiving calls from this number and politely ask who they are.
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Doing a reverse number lookup on Google is very easy. You can use Google's main search box.

Simply add the phrase "phonebook:" in front the number and you're done. Sometimes you can even get the address of the owner as well.

Your search should look like this:


If you'd like to remove yourself from google's phonebook, that's easy to do, too. Do a reverse number lookup on yourself, and you'll see a link to remove your entry.

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