A small apartment leaves you with limited space for decorating - which actually makes your decor even MORE important. With the right pieces and some savvy design sense, you can make the space seem much larger than it actually is and ensure that every square foot is being used to its potential. Check out some of these pictures for inspiration:

Furniture that is more slender than chunky will take up less space, both physically and visually.

Try building asymmetrical shelving along one whole wall. Not only will it provide storage for books and knick knacks, it's a design piece in itself. Keep the rest of the decor in the room simple to pull off this trick.

Use bright colors and light walls to your advantage, because they will make the space seem more open. Don't rely too much on solid upholstery, though - some pattern will add dimension to the room.

Try a wrap-around sofa in a dark color to maximize seating potential without swallowing the room. Make sure to contrast dark furniture colors with light, open walls and colorful prints.

Keep dining areas versatile by choosing a table that can fold down or has removable leaves. That way, if you move into a larger space you can use the same piece. Choose one focus for your centerpiece, and keep it simple so that it doesn't dominate the table - save color and pattern for wall art.

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