Obama Gets to Keep His Blackberry Phone

By Jake on
Score one victory for newly-minted President Obama: he'll get to hang on to his BlackBerry, or at least an NSA-approved ultra-encrypted version of it.In an interview with CNBC earlier this month, Obama made it clear he would try to hang onto his smartphone, saying, “I’m still clinging to my BlackBerry. They’re going to pry it out of my hands.”This week, the Atlantic Monthly's Marc Ambinder reports that President Obama will doing his presidential duties with a souped-up version of his beloved...Read Full Story

Innovage Digital Photo Keychain

By Livingly Staff on
Here's how the company markets the digital keychain: Bright, high resolution, LCD color screen60 photos in rotationSelect, edit and download photos from your computerRechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of view timeThe concept is cool... a keychain that lets you flip through a big gallery of digital photos. Great for parents who want to show off pictures of their kids, or anyone who loves their pets, grandkids, hobbies, etc.  At least that's how the company bills the Innovage Digital Photo...Read Full Story

BlackBerry RIM: iPhone Killer?

By John Newlin on
When Apple released the iPhone on June 29, 2007, it blocked out the sun and left every mobile phone manufacturer scrambling to create something that could remotely compete. More accurately, cell phone manufacturers were fighting over the scraps of consumers left who couldn’t afford the iPhone or their company wouldn’t buy them one. Enter: the new BlackBerry RIM (Research In Motion). Take a look at the stats of these two phones and decide for yourself how on the cutting-edge of technology you...Read Full Story