Garrett McNamara Rides 90 Ft. Wave for World Record (Video)

Robert McNamara, rider of killer waves.
The big wave surf world has a new king in Garrett McNamara, who set the record by cruising a wave that topped out at 90 feet. Imagine that: Nine stories of water hurling you forward at 45 mph on a small piece of fiberglass and polystyrene.

McNamara set the record and avoided a watery death by successfully riding a 90 foot wave in Nazare, Portugal. The 44-year-old McNamara, who has been seeking out a record breaking wave for over a decade told Surfer Today, "I feel so blessed and honoured to have been invited to explore this canyon and its special town. The waves here are such a mystery."

The Guinness World Book of Records had officially registered Mike Parsons as holding the title for the highest wave surfed at 77ft feet in Cortez Bank, 2001, while the unofficial record previous to McNamara's ride was an 85-footer in Hawaii surfed by Ken Bradshaw.

McNamara's epic ride was catpured on video. Check it out:

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