Barack Obama Supports Gay Marriage

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Barack Obama officially endorsed same sex marriage today.  Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden supported the idea of same-sex unions.  Biden was asked about gay marriage during a live talk show interview.  Given the VPs controversial response, political pundits expected the President to clarify his own position... and that he did.Barack Obama sent his supporters the following email outlining his thoughts on gay marriage. President Obama wrote: Today, I was asked a direct question and...Read Full Story

Is Asher Roth Gay?

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Is Asher Roth gay? Terrence Dean, the author of the soon to be released book “Hiding in Hip Hop”, sparked the debate when he claimed that American rapper Asher Roth wass featured in his book.  Roth had his first mega hit "I Love College" recently and is considered a rising rap star.  Below is a quote about his alleged mention in Terrence Dean's book: Asher Roth admits he is the infamous “Gay Rapper” in a new book put out by Terrance Dean, formerly of MTV. Dean who at first said he wouldn’t...Read Full Story

Gay Marriages Begin In California

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Monday marked a busy and momentous day for both the state of California and gay and lesbian couples. At 5:01 p.m. county clerks throughout the state were legally able to marry same sex couples. Gay and lesbian couples from all over waited patiently for their turn to legalize their partnership.County clerks will begin issuing the marriage licenses Tuesday and city halls throughout the state are booked solid for weeks. San Francisco City Hall is booked for a week and expected to issue at least...Read Full Story

California Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

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Gay and lesbian Californians rejoice! You can now marry.In a historic ruling today, a divided California Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. As if we didn't already see this coming after San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom defied state law, and married thousands of same-sex couples in 2004.The state quickly stopped the marriages, and made thousands of marriage licenses invalid.Today's 4-3 ruling, written by Chief Justice Ronald George, struck down California laws that restrict marriage to...Read Full Story
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