Tensions run high between Fatah and Hamas

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Linked from http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3348368,00.html --- Tensions continue to run high between Fatah and Hamas. Palestinian sources reported Thursday afternoon that Ayman al-Subuh, 26, a member of Hamas' special security apparatus, was killed in a fire exchange between Hamas and Fatah in Jabalya. Three other Hamas members were injured, one of them seriously.  Earlier, six people were injured by shots fired Thursday afternoon during the funeral of three Fatah officers who...Read Full Story

More deaths in Beit Hanoun

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See footage from the non-violent demonstration at which two women were killed from Reuters and The BBC.   Two women non-violent demonstrators are among the twelve killed on Friday and raise the total number of Palestinians killed in Beit Hanoun since Wednsday to 25. Blogger Dr. Mona Elfarra has been covering the attacks.   There is a good summary here.Read Full Story
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