George Eisenhart Walks Into Monster Truck's Path in Video

Do you think monster truck rallies are safe?
The death of a monster truck promoter in Madison, Wis., was caught on tape Saturday just hours after he had given an interview to a local television station explaining how safe his events were.

In the video, George Eisenhart can be seen clearly walking into the path of Samson, a monster truck whose driver, Daniel Patrick, is a 20-year veteran in the circuit.

Investigators have said Patrick will not be charged with anything and have ruled the death accidental.

More from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
Patrick told investigators he never saw Eisenhart wander into the path of the big blue truck with rippled biceps painted on the sides.

"He knew he had hit something but obviously, he didn't know it was a person ... He is taking this very hard," Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney said.

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