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George Tenet Eric Holder Speaks At Farewell Ceremony For FBI Director Robert Mueller
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How true will be George Tenet's revelations?

By Premal Shah on
Last week on NPR, I was listening an interview of an Italian journalist conducted by Terry Gross about how the United States went to war with Iraq based in intelligence provided by the Italian version of the CIA. The journalist broke the story of how the Italian Secret Service and then newly elected Prime Minister of Italy used fraudulent information to mislead the British and the US governments into that Saddam Hussein had sought to buy Uranium from Nigeria. I wonder if George Tenet will be...Read Full Story

At the Center of the Storm

By Staff Account on
George Tenet's new book will release today. It's title "At the Center of the Storm " seems aptly named - Tenet was the Director of the CIA in the year leading up to Bush's invasion of Iraq and the now famous "weapons of mass destruction" hunt.Tenet's book reportedly explains the faulty intelligence used to justify an invasion of Iraq, and hints at political oportunism as one of the reasons that the Bush Administration moved so aggressively to invade.The Whitehouse has not formally responded...Read Full Story