Matthew Whitton Gets Fired From Police Force

By JJ Duncan on
Now that it's been revealed that the "Georgia Gorilla" was just a hoax, it turns out not everyone is laughing. First, there's Tom Biscardi, the sasquatch enthusiast who paid for all the expenses surrounding the Bigfoot press conference. Of course he's pissed. Pranksters Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer had to expect that.But Whitton was blindsided by Georgia's Clayton County Police Department when he was fired from the force. It turns out Police Chief Jeff Turner thinks Whitton's credibility has...Read Full Story

Georgia Gorilla Big Foot Press Conference Proves Little

By Tatiana Guertin on
Matthew Whitton, Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi revealed pretty much nothing at their much-awaited Press Conference Friday in Palo Alto, Calif. Although the two men, who claim to have found Bigfoot in the remote woods of Northern Georgia addressed the press, they were unable to produce valid evidence to prove their outrageous claims.Instead they told the story of their shock over finding the body and how they were circled by other "Bigfoots" as they hauled the carcass to civilization. Still...Read Full Story

Bigfoot Alive and Well, Quite Productive, Too

By John Newlin on
So we're a bit confused. Today, there was a huge press conference in Palo Alto held by Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer who claim to have the body of a yeti, preserved in some freezer. CNN, ABC et al are covering the event. What's the big deal? We've had a sasquach working in our office for 4 months and not one news outlet has picked up the story. This is probably a good thing. Too many distractions would no doubt affect office productivity. Here are some photos taken of this beautiful creature...Read Full Story

Bigfoot Pictures Give First Look at Body

By JJ Duncan on
These pictures were originally posted on The site has been down for most of the day. The same is true of These pictures reveal the alleged Bigfoot corpse found in Georgia.A press conference will be held Friday in Palo Alto, California to reveal new evidence of Bigfoot's existence.Read Full Story

Bigfoot Body Found in Georgia Woods... Maybe

By JJ Duncan on
Talk about being the best month ever for cryptozoology. First there was the Montauk Monster, then a new chupacabra video emerged, and now this: a dead sasquatch. OK, so it's pretty likely that the whole thing will turn out to be a hoax. But right now, all we know is that some dudes found a dead Bigfoot in the Georgia woods. (More from FOX) Recent events could very well inspire a whole new generation to take up the mantle of cryptozoology and find that distant cousin to the plesiosaur hanging...Read Full Story