5 pieces of advice for getting into college

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5. Start thinking about college admissions during your freshman year. By the time senior year arrives, it may be too late to improve your grades or join extra-curricular groups or really improve your chances4. Get the grades. I know, easier siad than done, but usually if you put just a little bit more effort in to the big tests each semester and schmooze a little bit with your teachers, you can move from a B to a B+ or even pull of an A...and that'll add up big time when it comes to college...Read Full Story

Admission Essay Help Course

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Essay Edge offers a tutorial type course on how to write college admission essays. Check their website for details: Linked from http://www.essayedge.com/college/essayadvice/ --- Essay Help Course Research the art of application essay writing. This course walks you through the process from brainstorming to editing. * Find out what admissions officers look for and learn how to brainstorm essay topics. * Read question-specific strategies covering the fourteen most common college essay...Read Full Story