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Glee Glee Season 4 Episode 21
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Glee Glee Season 4 Episode 20
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Glee Glee Season 4 Episode 19
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The Final Season of 'Glee' Is All About Characters You Don't Care About

By Jill Slattery on
Don't stop believing...that *Glee* is taking crazy pills.Read Full Story

Surprise! Naya Rivera Is Married

By Jill Slattery on
And not to rapper Big Sean, who she was engaged to just three months ago.Read Full Story

The ABCs of 'Glee' Shipping

By Hayley Igarashi on
(FOX)While we were busy watching our favorite chorusing high schoolers grow up on Glee, they were busy falling in love with each other in a dizzying array of combinations. Sometimes those relationships played out on screen, and sometimes those relationships became a thing of fandom legend (and interpretation), rising from between the lines of brief scenes, stolen glances, and heavily choreographed song-and-dance routines.  In an effort to consolidate the always expanding world of Glee...Read Full Story

TV Boyfriend Smackdown Hot for Teacher Edition: Mr. Fitz vs. Mr. Schue

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC Family / FOX)Welcome back to the TV Boyfriend Smackdown! We pit two (or three) of television’s most eligible (and fictional) bachelors against one another, and discuss their merits with regard to three major categories: attractiveness, personality, and potential for capital-D Drama. Based on our spirited debate, we’ll declare a winner, but fear not: you’ll have a chance to weigh in as well. This week, we’re going crossover, baby, and analyzing two of TV’s most annoying (sorry not sorry...Read Full Story

'Glee' Recap: That's Show Business?

By Tara Gelsomino on
They're dancing in the streets because Glee is over for the season! (FOX)Season 5 wraps up with dreams coming true left and right! Stardom seems to be within the Glee kids' grasping little hands, most notably for Rachel, Blaine, and Mercedes. You'd think that means at least one of em would be in for a huge fall — but this is Glee, so remember, it bears little resemblance to reality! It's the "end of an era" for Glee — they keep telling us so, conveniently forgetting that they told us that...Read Full Story
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