Meet the Shameless Girl Who Nailed Harry Styles in the Crotch with a Shoe

(Photos: Bauer Griffin | Twitter)

Remember earlier this week when a One Direction fan nailed Harry Styles in the nuts with her shoe at a sold-out show in Scotland? Well, she's become a bit of a celebrity. And rightfully so, seeing as how she gave the world this:

Her name's Jade Anderson, and she's not exactly remorseful over potentially sterilizing one-fifth of One Direction.

She even had the balls (no pun intended) to ask Harry for a follow:

And now she's kinda famous:

And One Direction isn't even her first love:
Despite Jade's lack of empathy, we can all agree that Harry seems like a standup dude though:

On the bright side, thanks to Jade, he'll definitely be hitting the high notes.




Hide your tears.

But really, who throws a shoe? Honestly!

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