Google People Search or Google People Searching can refer to any of the following:

- Using Google to learn about a person: This can be very effective when researching a public figure. For instance a politician, business executive, celebrity, pro athlete, etc. You'll usually be able to find bios, profiles, and articles in the press

- Using Google to find contact information for a person: This is more hit or miss. The Internet is very big, and there are many John Smiths and Jane Does out there. The big challenge is to disambiguate and find the exact person you're looking for. Often it is easier to find the contact information for the business where a person works. Try searching for the business name, then look for an About Us or Contact link.

- Internet 411: You want a phone number. This is also very hit or miss. Try this tool on Google

- Ego Searching: You want to see what comes up when you search on Google for your own name. This is just fun. Give it a try.

2204355 Chicken Man

By Livingly Staff on
Try going to and typing in "2204355", then hit "I'm Feeling Lucky".  You'll get redirected to this.  Every now and again someone at Google leaves a hidden Easter Egg like this one for us to find.In this case, the Dancing Chicken Man is pretty harmless.  He just grooves on your screen till you get bored.Read Full Story

Google's rphonebook operator - great Google people search tool

By Staff Account on
To see only residential phonebook listings on Google, you can use the rphonebook operator. Here are examples: 1) First name (or first initial), last name, city (state is optional): Smith Robert Boston 2) First name (or first initial), last name, state: Smith Robert MA 3) First name (or first initial), last name, area code: Smith Robert 781 4) First name (or first initial), last name, zip code: Smith Robert 02184 5) Phone number, including area code: 781-678-7322 6) Last name, city, state...Read Full Story
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