Governor Mike Rounds, quoted about Tim Johnson

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Quote from Gov. Mike Rounds, when asked about Senator Tim Johnson's condition. --- Linked from,53194 --- "We've worked as a team and we're friends and we think about family issues and at a time like this it's our prayers along with the prayers of families across the state for Tim and his family."Read Full Story

Gov. Mike Rounds refuses to talk about replacing Tim Johnson ye

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I appreciate the way Gov. Rounds is handling press inqueries about the possibility of replacing Senator Tim Johnson. He refuses to speculate on naming a replacement and redirects the question towards hope for Sen Johnson. He's been very respectful of Johnson and his family. Linked from --- In remarks Saturday, the Governor said he's not even considering the notion of appointing someone else to the job. Instead, he called for patience, "We have one...Read Full Story

What happens if Rounds places a Republican into the Senate seat

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If Rounds places a Republican into Tim Johnson's seat, there would be a 50-50 tie which would then be broken by Vice President Dick Cheney, giving Republicans the slimmest of majorities. --- Such a majority wouldn't only be critical in party-line votes, but also in selecting committee chairmanships and controlling Senate procedures.Read Full Story