This Superman/'Gravity' Mashup Makes So Much Sense

By Darrick Thomas on
(Warner Bros.) It's safe to assume a lot of people — including the Academy — loved Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity because of how intense it was. It's hard not to watch the whole thing on the edge of your seat wondering if Sandra Bullock's going to survive as she spins out into deep space. Alone. With limited oxygen. But Gravity could have been 80 minutes shorter and far less stressful if it existed in a comic book universe. Based on this mashup video, Superman would have made Dr. Ryan Stone's life...Read Full Story

The Top 10 Films of the Year

By Joe Robberson on
(L-R) Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines, Mia Wasikowska in Stoker, and Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis.10. Wrong - "...One of those flip-style clock radios is shown. It's 7:59 and when it flips, the clock reads 7:60. Welcome to Quentin Dupieux's world where things look pretty normal, except for a few details, all of which are very wrong. Dupieux, the writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and co-composer of this unassuming masterpiece of a film, is quickly becoming a favorite...Read Full Story

Oscar Leaderboard: Is Jennifer Lawrence Really Going to Win Again?

By JJ Duncan on
(Sony Pictures)Jennifer Lawrence came up with a big win Tuesday when the New York Film Critics Circle named her the year's Best Supporting Actress for her work in American Hustle. She beat out two highly-touted performances — Lupita Nyongo in 12 Years a Slave and Oprah Winfrey in The Butler — which bodes well for her chances at picking up a few more statues this awards season.Meanwhile Cate Blanchett's NYFCC win for Best Actress in Blue Jasmine solidified her front-runner status in the...Read Full Story

5 Great Shorts Tied to Feature-Length Movies

By JJ Duncan on
(Warner Bros. | Fox Searchlight | Disney)On Wednesday, a seven-minute short film tied to the movie Gravity went online, showing the other side of a distress call sent by Sandra Bullock's character and received by an Inuit man. It's called Aningaaq, and it got us thinking about other times we've seen great shorts tied to movies. Here are five we love. 1. AningaaqTied to: GravityDirector: Jonás Cuarón, the son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón 2. Hotel ChevalierTied to: The Darjeeling...Read Full Story

Jamie Foxx's 10-Second 'Gravity' Parody Is Perfection

By Darrick Thomas on
(Getty | Warner Bros.)Leave it to Jamie Foxx to take the piss out of the literal breathtaking tension of being abandoned in deep space. In a mere 10-second Instagram video, Foxx brings some levity to Sandra Bullock's intense performance in Gravity by spinning around in an office whispering with faux panic, "Oh my god... gravity." For those of us who sweat through our shirts in the theater as we watched Bullock spin out of control and into the great beyond, it's a welcome change of pace and...Read Full Story