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Vikings' Brian Robison Kicks Packers' TJ Lang in the Crotch (Video)

By Darrick Thomas on
Sunday's Packers-Vikings game was not without some controversy. Yes, Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay to a victory over Minnesota, keeping their undefeated streak alive, but the side story after the game surrounded a play in which Vikings' Brian Robison took a dirty cheap shot at Packers' T.J. Lang. At the end of a play while Robison was on the turf, he lunged his cleat into Lang's groin, causing even the announcers to wince in pain. Lang responded after the game calling Robison's actions...Read Full Story

Family Burns Favre Memories

By Tatiana Guertin on
Like a lover scorned after a heart wrenching break up, the Stark Family of Waukesha County, Wisconsin burned their Brett Favre memorabilia, hoping to wash away the memories Favre had left behind.If you're thinking that having a bonfire to erase the memories of your favorite quarterback is a little over dramatic, trust me, you're not the only one. Honestly, Favre had a long good run with the Packers, and of course it's a shame that he's gone. But, the man is a human yo-yo. Plus, it's not like...Read Full Story

It's the Jets for Brett Favre

By Tatiana Guertin on
Someone finally gave quarterback Brett Favre a home, and it wasn't Green Bay. Since Favre announced (yet again) he's desire to come out of retirement, who he would play for was up in the air.Green Bay didn't want him, then they did, now they don't. Then there were the talks of Tampa Bay, but Thursday morning it was official. Favre would be the new quarterback for the New York Jets .As of Wednesday, Tampa Bay was Favre's favored choice, but it seems that the Jets management won him over. After...Read Full Story