Grey paint gives a cool, relaxed vibe to any bedroom. Check out these pictures:

The white bedding looks modern and simple, and the black accents on the walls complement the scheme. The large window brings in light and colors from nature, but if it weren't there, I would recommend using a pop of color somewhere in the room.

The white doors, trim, and chair work well in this room, and I love the white horizontal stripe of paint across the walls. Little details add interest to an otherwise bland space (like the brown throw at the bottom of the bed).

This yellow and grey combination looks fresh and modern, but still sophisticated. This shade of yellow is a perfect complement to the grey walls, and I love the striped bedding for added interest.

This space is admittedly almost overly-grey, but the different shades seem to work together. The light color on the walls, the silver of the bed, and the dark grey of the blanket create some contrast. The splash of green on the bed works wonders.

I love this combination because it shows how you can do cool things with neutrals. The light grey on the walls contrasts with the darker shade on the bedspread, and the large graphic adds interest without color. And the lamps are fantastic, using opposite colors to create a statement.

Images via Flikr
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