Guerdwich Montimere, AKA Jerry Joseph, Busted for Faking Age

By Jake on
Perhaps everyone has entertained fantasies of returning to their younger days, stronger, wiser, better able to handle the challenges they faced as teenagers. Guerdwich Montimere decided to do just that. The 22-year-old former high school basketball star was a big deal in Florida, but never managed to make the leap to the big time. So he re-enrolled in a Texas high school under the name Jerry Joseph, where he once again became a star.His plan, however, unraveled when an old coach from...Read Full Story

Guerdwich Montimere Allegedly Playing High School BBall as Jerry Joseph

By Deena Bustillo on
Guerdwich Montimere played high school basketball in Florida 3 years ago, and now sources, including his former coaches, claim he's made a comeback -- at a high school in Texas, under the name Jerry Joseph. His former coach says he's certain he pumped into Montimere at a recent tournament, and an investigation into the case is being conducted, according to However, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation deemed them to be different people. "We have a document...Read Full Story