Haiyang Zhu, Former Virginia Tech Student, Pleads Guilty to Decapitating Fellow Student

A former Virginia Tech grad student, Haiyang Zhu, pleaded guilty today to decapitating a follow student, Xin Yang. Prosecutors described the case as heartbreak gone bad, with Zhu falling in love with Yang. However, she denied his advances.

Former Virginia Tech student Haiyang Zhu. (Law Enforcement)

Authorities said that on the morning of Jan 21, Zhu bought three knives and a claw hammer, while frantically calling Yang. He arrived at the cafe where she worked, where the two struggled. When Yang fell to the floor, Zhu cut off her head with an 8-inch long butcher's knife.

Police arrived to find Zhu standing over her body, still holding the head. A letter written by Zhu in prison said that Yang's rejection forced him to kill her, because he "loved her too much." He faces life in prison.
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