Halloween Cupcake Toppings

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Here are possible topping ideas to make your Halloween Cupcakes sing.  Place any of these decorations on top of cupcake: Flying saucers (choclate discs) Marshmallows, preferrably the tiny ones Licorice, black or red Jelly beans, choose colors Gummy worms or gummy spiders Candy-coated chocolates Licorice drops Gumdrops Taffy, often comes in different shapes and sizes Sprinkles or JimmiesRead Full Story

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

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Halloween Costumes for Kids: Pictures and Ideas

By Deena Bustillo on
It's almost Halloween, which means kids are in the market for costumes and candy! While the candy is the easy, straight-forward part, helping kids find their desired costume could be a little trickier. The possibilities are endless, so start the decision process by taking a look at some off our favorite kids costumes -- celeb style.Dinosaur: Kingston RossdaleLady bug, bumble bee, action hero: Mark Wahlberg's kids Marie Antoinette: Kate Beckinsale's daughterActress Kate Beckinsale and daughter...Read Full Story