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'New Girl' Season 3 Preview: What's Up Next for Nick and Jess?

By Jill Slattery on
(Ray Mickshaw/FOX) After a season of romantic tension, surprise make-outs, and even more surprising sex, New Girl's Nick and Jess finally decided to give their relationship a real shot during the season finale. So what's up next for the roommates-turned-lovers now that they've cruised off into the sunset?Zimbio recently chatted with New Girl co-showrunner David Finkel during the Austin Television Festival in Austin, Texas, and he shared his insights into Nick and Jess' potential future...Read Full Story

'New Girl' Poll: Who Should Schmidt Choose?

By Lani Conway on
On the New Girl season finale, Schmidt was left with a very difficult decision: Elizabeth or Cece? Well, here's what we know. Elizabeth is his very sweet college girlfriend who isn't afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and get what she wants. Cece is Schmidt's lionfish, the love of his life. However, she waited until the very last minute to reveal that it was Schmidt, not Shivrang, that she was in love with. You should loose some points for that, right? Schmidt has two vastly different...Read Full Story

'New Girl' Season Finale Recap: Taylor Swift, a Badger, and 'Cotton-Eyed Joe'

By Lani Conway on
(Fox)In the season finale of New Girl, Cece's wedding causes quite a stir. It's a traditional affair with lots of colors, white horses, and, plenty of plotting, badgers, and tears to give you a headache. In the final episode, we find out why Elaine (Taylor Swift) was at the wedding, what happens between Cece and Shivrang, and whether Nick and Jess decided to take things to the next level.Here's what went down: The overall big news...Cece and Shivrang don't get married because she's in love...Read Full Story

'New Girl': Rooting for Winston Bishop, a Love Letter

By Lani Conway on
(Fox)After New Girl's penultimate episode of the season aired Tuesday night, one thing continues to be pretty obvious — Winston still gets the short end of the stick. Heck, the poor guy can’t even eat some of his own birthday cake without getting some slack ("You sure you wanna be eating so much cake, with a body like that?" Rob Reiner's character tells him in "Winston's Birthday"). But let's get one thing straight. Winston Bishop, as far as he is in the shadows of Cece/Schmidt and Jess/Nick...Read Full Story

'New Girl': Five Key Moments from 'Winston's Birthday'

By Lani Conway on
(Fox) Tuesday night's episode wasn't exactly the zany nonsense we saw on last week's "Virgins." But it's kind of hard to top an episode that combined extra-large lube, Mick Jagger, and a working girl named Octopussy. However, "Winston's Birthday" proved to be an adequate set-up for what will surely be an over-the-top season finale.In this episode, it's the day after Jess and Nick's steamy hook-up. As Nick is trying to whip up a very sweet pie and egg breakfast, Jess' father Bob (Rob Reiner...Read Full Story
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