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Harmony Korine Los Angeles Premiere For Neon And Vice Studio's The Beach Bum
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Harmony Korine Los Angeles Premiere Of Neon And Vice Studio's 'The Beach Bum' - Red Carpet
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Harmony Korine Los Angeles Premiere Of Neon And Vice Studio's 'The Beach Bum' - Arrivals
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Are You Ready for Harmony Korine's 'Spring Breakers' Movie Remix?

By Lani Conway on
(A24 )When Harmony Korine's artsy, raunchy college vacay romp hit theaters in March, perky, hyper-sexual teens clad in skimpy neon bikinis was all anyone could think about. Well, the director isn't done proving that art house films like Spring Breakers is something that mainstream America wants and craves. According to the Los Angeles Times, Korine is creating a whole new film using footage he created from the first shoot. It's apparently called a movie "remix," something that the director...Read Full Story

How to Pronounce Celebrity Names

By Joe Robberson on
(Getty Images)You think you know your favorite celebrities so well when BANG! All of a sudden you see them give interviews and hear the real way they pronounce their names. MINDS are BLOWN this way. Don't be surprised by interviews ever again. Study up below:Amanda Seyfried (Amanda SIGH-fred)Saoirse Ronan (SEER-shuh Ro-nuhn)Harmony Korine (Harmony Kor-een)Zooey Deschanel (Zoey Day-shuh-nell)Shia LaBeouf (Shy-uh La-BUFF)Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Low-en)Demi Moore (Duh-me Moore)Ralph Fiennes (RAY...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - Live Fast, Die Young, 'Spring Breakers' Does it Well

By Joe Robberson on
(Annapurna) The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? Behind a shallow facade, Korine's film is a sweaty mess of sex, guns, and hyperbolic machismo. It's huge fun. The marriage of Dogma 95 disciple Harmony Korine, the shallow idiocy of Spring Break, and three squeaky-clean young actresses is so weird it's easy to dismiss Spring Breakers as a thoughtless way to simply get chicks in bikinis and asses in theater seats. That kind of thinking, however, gives little credit to Korine, a...Read Full Story

We May Have Selena Gomez's Mom to Thank for 'Spring Breakers'

By JJ Duncan on
Selena Gomez with her mom, Mandy Teefey, at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (Getty Images)Ever since hearing squeaky clean Selena Gomez was teaming up with controversial director Harmony Korine (who once holed up in a Paris hotel room doing "so many drugs that his teeth started to fall out"), we've been intrigued by Spring Breakers.On one end of the spectrum it seemed strange that Selena would work with a director whose 1997 film Gummo opens with an unsettling scene of a boy drowning a cat. On...Read Full Story