Heatherette Prom Dresses

By Alicia Dennis on
Heatherette prom dresses were one of a kind, when you could find them. The label, a collaboration between designers Traver Rains and Richie Rich, no longer exists due to a lack of funding, but its splashy designs were a huge hit with the celebrity set back in the day. Stars like Paris Hilton, Jenna Jameson, CariDee English, and Lydia Hearst all took to the runway for the label.Unless you've got Pamela Anderson for a godmother, your chances of picking up a Heatherette prom dress are pretty...Read Full Story

Jenna Jameson walks the catwalk at Heatherette Spring 2008

By Staff Account on
Seems that Jenna Jameson is making a comeback, and this time in the fashion world. She was invited to participate in heatherette Spring 2008 in LA and most of the fashion blogs and magazine journalists are giving her a thumbs up on the performance. Jameson walked the catwalk in several outfits and was a presence at the LA fashion event.Read Full Story