Police Tasers in the news with Heidi Gill and Andrew Meyer

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There are two active news stories this week that involve police tasers.  Press attention on taser incidents is sparking a debate about whether or not police should be armed with tasers, and if so, when they should use these weapons.For background, here is a bit of info on Taser guns :The name Taser is an acronym for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle". Arizona inventor Jack Cover designed it in 1969; naming it for the science fiction teenage inventor and adventurer character Tom Swift. Modern...Read Full Story

Police Report describes why Heidi Gill was tasered

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Officer Kovach's police report said that once Gill was inside the police car, she kicked at a rear window and tried to climb into the front seat, ignoring his commands to stop.  This is when he hit her with the taser.   "I deployed a second Taser cartridge into her and the violent turbulent action stopped immediately," the report said. "I then requested a car with a cage for transport."Read Full Story