'MasterChef' & 'Hell's Kitchen' Rankings - The Final Three!

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(Fox)Hell's KitchenThe grand prize: A head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas.Eliminated this week: Barbie (last week's rank: 4 of 4) - No big shock as Barbie was ousted by Ramsay in the latest episode. She was the clear outsider amongst the four left and her turn at the pass during service proved it. She yelled out orders with her back to the chefs and sounded very unsure. The Final Three:3. Dana (last week's rank: 2 of 4) - Despite winning the challenge part...Read Full Story

'Hell's Kitchen' & 'MasterChef' Rankings - The Final Four

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Graham Elliot, Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich pose for a picture at the Launch of Gordon Ramsay's "One Potato Two Potato Inc" production company on March 18, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty Images)more pics ┬╗Hell's KitchenThe grand prize: A head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas.Eliminated this week:5. Clemenza (last week's rank: 5 of 5) - Clemenza was booted as predicted here, and the main cause seems to be his sloppiness in the kitchen. His work...Read Full Story

'Hell's Kitchen' & 'MasterChef' Rankings, Dana's Bikini Polarizes Clemenza

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(Fox)Hell's KitchenEliminated this week:Robyn (last week's rank: 6 of 6) - "You're not ready right now..." The final words for Robyn from Chef Ramsay were inevitable. Robyn was a drag on the entire show.The Final Five:5. Clemenza (last week's rank: 5 of 6) - Clemenza won the challenge portion of the show with Dana and ogled her incessently at the beach (see below). He's easily the most awkwardly entertaining chef left. He won't win, but I hope he does somehow. Chances of winning: 3 out of 104...Read Full Story

'MasterChef' Rankings - The Final 6

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The only thing better than watching Graham Elliot taste food up close is watching the MasterChef contestants sweat it out when the three judges pick who's going home each week. Gordon Ramsay loves to fake out the audience by making one chef step forward only to say, "You are going back... TO YOUR STATION." Oh the suspense! Actually, the MasterChef theatrics are tiresome, but it's still a great show, mixing improvisational cooking methods with pressure tests and most importantly, producing...Read Full Story

'Hell's Kitchen' Rankings - The Final 6

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(Photos by: Getty Images | Fox )The thing to remember about Hell's Kitchen is it's only worth watching if Gordon Ramsay is pissed off. The people want to hear him scream, "IT'S RAW!" and "PISS OFF UPSTAIRS!" So, inevitably, during the service part of the show, the head honcho is in live wire mode and his standards are as high as the ceilings. For this reason, I weigh the challenge portions of the show much heavier than service. Yes, service is important and all, but Ramsay can't really be...Read Full Story
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