Henry Hill -- Real-life 'Goodfella' wanted in Cali

By Jake on
The former mobster who turned federal-informant that inspired the Martin Scorcese movie Goodfellas is wanted in California for failure to appear in court.Henry Hill, no longer in the federal protection program and living openly in San Fernando Valley, was supposed to appear in court due to a series of tickets following some public drunkenness in San Bernadino.From an AP report: Henry Hill, 65, faces two $25,000 arrest warrants. He says he wasn't aware he needed to be present in court...Read Full Story

Henry Hill: The Real Goodfella

By JJ Duncan on
Name: Henry HillCrimes: Theft, extortion, drug trafficking, racketeeringDOB: June 11, 1943Approximate Years of Operation: 1958-1980Location: New York CitySpecial Abilities: General criminal skillWhere is he now? Malibu, Cali.The life of Henry was turned into an iconic gangster film by Martin Scorcese with 1990's "Goodfellas."Hill, played by Ray Liotta in the movie, was a small-time player in New York's mafia scene who could never be a made man because of his Irish heritage. But Hill did help...Read Full Story