Top 10 Douchiest '90s Sitcom Stars

By Jake on
The 1990s were good times for the sitcom, with some of the giants of the genre, such as Friends and Seinfeld, striding across the field of television history. It was also a great time for douchebag sitcom stars. We surveyed the landscape, and are here to deliver judgment on the 10 worst offenders.10. John Stamos(from On: Full House (1988-1995)Character: Jessie KatsopolisDouche Credentials: Well first off all, there's the hair. Secondly, there is also the...Read Full Story

Top 10 Hollyweirdos

By Livingly Staff on
Hollywood is the home of so many weirdos...a veritable hub of kooks and crazies. Here are just a few of my favorites:#10: Paula Abdul, what would American Idol be without Abdul's out-of-left-field remarks?#9: Former adult film actress Jenna Jameson. She's about to star in a horror film as a scream it! #8: Kat Von D...there's just something fun about her style... #7: Actor Matthew McConaughey... the dude just looks kinda crazy to me. #6: Rosie O'Donnell never ceases to...Read Full Story