'Homeland' Recap: 9 Things We Learned from Premiere Night

By Joey Skladany on
1. Carrie's baby is the cutest. 2. Carrie is a horrible mother.Read Full Story

'Homeland' Releases Its First Trailer of Season 4

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There's no place like...Pakistan? Read Full Story

Watch 'Sesame Street' Characters Spoof Your Favorite TV Shows

By Deena Bustillo on
Sesame StreetIf you're in the market for a new dream job, you should probably add "Creator of Sesame Street Parodies" to your list. We've all seen the Cookie Monster spoof of "Call Me Maybe," but did you know the beloved kids' show has also tackled a ton of the best shows on the tube? True Mud for True Blood, for instance, and Homelamb for Homeland. See! How fun does that sound?Get inspired by Sesame Street stars tackling your favorite big-kid TV shows. "True Mud"Spoof of: True BloodPremise...Read Full Story

Someone Spoiled 'Homeland' for Jennifer Lawrence, and She Kind of Freaked Out

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images)As awesome as it may seem, being Jennifer Lawrence has its apparent drawbacks — like when a red carpet reporter just trying to keep things fun totally spoils Homeland for you (and everyone watching at home for that matter). This happend to Lawrence at the SAG awards over the weekend, right after she got to meet "Brody," aka Damien Lewis, and excitedly gushed over him. More importantly it happened after she'd already said she'd only seen the first two seasons. Ack! So, uh, don't...Read Full Story

7 Other Things That Would Be Improved by Miley's Cat Hologram

By Jill Slattery on
Miley Cyrus (Getty)Just when we'd all grown weary of Miley Cyrus' twerking shock routine, the songstress spiced things up at the AMAs on Sunday night with her very own giant cat hologram. And not just any hologram cat — a lip-syncing, weeping, winking cat hologram. It was bizarre, hilarious, cheeky, and meme-tastic, just like Miley herself. But this hologram kitty shouldn't just be confined to Miley's AMAs "Wrecking Ball" performance. Check out seven other things that could also stand to gain...Read Full Story