Watch 'Sesame Street' Characters Spoof Your Favorite TV Shows

'True Mud' and The Best Sesame Street TV Parodies
Sesame StreetIf you're in the market for a new dream job, you should probably add "Creator of Sesame Street Parodies" to your list. We've all seen the Cookie Monster spoof of "Call Me Maybe," but did you know the beloved kids' show has also tackled a ton of the best shows on the tube? True Mud for True Blood, for instance, and Homelamb for Homeland. See! How fun does that sound?

Get inspired by Sesame Street stars tackling your favorite big-kid TV shows.

"True Mud"
Spoof of: True Blood
Premise: The Muppet version of Bill wants "true mud," but Muppet Sookie only brings him things that rhyme with "mud" — like a spud. 
Best Line: "That's not true mud. It's a potato."

"Mad Men"
Spoof of: Mad Men
Premise: Muppet Don Draper and his colleagues (or "sycophants") go through the emotions while going over the pitch for the Happy Honeybear account.
Best Line: "Mad, mad, mad, we are mad men."

"Sons of Poetry"
Spoof of: Sons of Anarchy
Premise: The Sons of Poetry are a rowdy motorcycle gang that will help you finish your poem with their ability to "rhyme all the time." There were no deaths in the making of this parody.
Best Line: "We'll give you one more word that rhymes, then we're done."

"Birdwalk Empire"
Spoof of: Boardwalk Empire
Premise: Nucky Ducky Thompson and Mallard Capone take on chicken rival Clucky Luciano on the "birdwalk," of course. Warning: It's impossible not to get "waddle, waddle, waddle, quack, quack, quack" stuck in your head.
Best Line: "Get your beak outta here, Nucky."

Spoof of: Homeland
Premise: Carrie, Saul, and the Homelamb Security team are out to catch the Big Bad Wolf with the help of Nicholas Baaaa-rody, who's not exactly who he appears to be.
Best Line: "You can't pull the wool over my eyes, Baaaa-rody."

"A's Anatomy"
Spoof of: Grey's Anatomy
Premise: Dr. Grover and his team handle an alphabet emergency when the letter A comes in with a troubling injury from a freak arabesque accident.
Best Line: "Bring in the letter A skeleton."

"30 Rocks"
Spoof of: 30 Rock
Premise: Liz Lemon (an actual lemon) needs 30 rocks for the rock sketch.
Best Line: "How do you know? We can't ask them. They are rocks."
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