Hope Witsell Tragedy Info

By Deena Bustillo on
Hope Witsell was a 13-year-old who hung herself in her bedroom in 2009. She reportedly sent a topless picture of herself to a boy she liked, and someone else got a hold of the picture and sent it to other students at 6 different schools in the area. As a result, she was bullied and even a 'Hope Hater' page was created on Facebook. She is now back in the news in light of recent tragic teen deaths and a movement to stop bullying. After the picture was passed around, Hope was taunted and...Read Full Story

Hope Witsell Sexting Tragedy Subject of 'Today' Show Interview

By Olivia on
Hope Witsell was just a 13-year-old middle school student when she hung herself in her bedroom. She had taken a topless photo of herself and texted it to a boy she liked to get his attention, but unfortunately everyone at her school -- and the nearby high school -- had seen the picture within a matter of days. Witsell quickly became the subject of bullying that led to her suicide. According to MomLogic.com, after the photo made the rounds, Hope was grounded for the summer and suspended...Read Full Story