Huguette Clark's Jewels Auctioned for $21 Million (Pictures)

By Deena Bustillo on
Huguette Clark died at the age of 104 last May after stepping out of the public eye before the age of 30. Now, she's back in the headlines because 17 of her jewels just fetched over $20 million at auction. The pieces had been sitting in the heiress' safety deposit box for over 70 years, reports One of the most notable pieces was a 9-carat diamond. The Belle Epoque is a cushion-cut pink diamond ring that sold for $14 million plus commission. The ring was estimated to bring...Read Full Story

Huguette Clark Hospitalized in New York

By Olivia on
Huguette Clark, a 104-year-old heiress known for her vast real estate ownings, has entered a hospital in New York City, the New York Daily News reports. She has apparently vacated her properties in Manhattan, California and Connecticut to spend her days at an unidentified medical facility. Huguette is the daughter of the late Montana Senatory William Clark, who made a fortune in the copper mining business. She spent her early days shmoozing with the rest of high society, dating wealthy...Read Full Story