Best of Jay Leno's Obama Jokes in 2013

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The Washington Free Beacon compiled some of Jay Leno's best jokes from 2013 about President Barack Obama.  Enjoy:Read Full Story

Joke About Growing Old

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A joke by Gary at elderly women were discussing the problems of growing old. One said "Sometimes I find myself in front of the refrigerator with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand and I can't remember if I am putting it away or making myself a sandwich." Another said," And I can trip on the stairs and not remember if I was walking up or down." "Oh, well, I don't have  those sort of problems, touch wood", said the third, tapping her knuckles on the table, before adding,"That...Read Full Story

Hear the One Direction Joke that Got Rebel Wilson Censored

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Rebel Wilson loves One Direction, but she's not above making them the punchline of a joke, even if said joke is during a nationally televised awards show broadcast aimed at 12-year-old girls. Wilson stopped by Conan — in a chicken suit no less — to regale the world with the story behind the joke and why it got cut censored. Also: Dolphin rape is apparently a genre of comedy.Read Full Story

The 5 Best Jokes from the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco

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(Photo: Getty Images)While a whole bunch of celebrities were busy watching the official death of Hannah Montana at the VMAs on Sunday night, a smaller ring of pop culture heavyweights opted for a more comedic affair that evening — the roast of one James Franco.Everyone from Sarah Silverman to Seth Rogen to Jonah Hill had their chance to rip Franco a new one, and, of course, Jeff Ross, King of Roasts, hosted the event and set the bar for the potshots. No one was safe. The roast won't air until...Read Full Story

'South Park' Makes Penn State Jokes (video)

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South Park lived up to its reputation of not being afraid to satirize even freshest wounds opened in the American psyche. On last night's episode entitled "Poor Kid," Kenny and his siblings are removed from their parents custody after trouble with the law. The scenario set up a series of Penn State jokes when the children were interviewed by a social worker named Mr. Adams. In an ill-advised method of making his new patients comfortable and at ease, Mr. Adams decides to inject a little humor...Read Full Story
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