Iceland Volcano Satellite Image

By Jake on
NASA has released some stunning satelite imagery of the volcano erupting in Iceland right now. It truly allows you to get a sense of how massive this current geological event really is.NASA has kindly filled in the land mass borders for you. The island in the upper lefthand portion of the picture is Iceland. In the southeast corner of the island, you can see the grey-beige plume of ash coming off the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.The picture was taken on April 15, 2010. The ash has made air travel...Read Full Story

Iceland May Face Bankruptcy

By Alicia Dennis on
(Photo by Getty Images Europe) Last year, Iceland reported an unemployment rate of about 1 percent, one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.  The country was named the most developed country in the world by the United Nations' Human Development Index.  Icelandic lawmakers debated whether to join the European Union; most citizens wishing to ditch the Icelandic Krona for the Euro but worried that entrance into the EU would jeopardize fishing rights. (Photo by Getty Images Europe) This...Read Full Story