When some women get their hair cut, they make headlines. Check out these hair icons:

Victoria Beckham

Jane Fonda

Bo Derek

Farrah Fawcett

Louise Brooks

A bob is a short haircut that became modern for women in the early 1920s. In the 1970s it became popular as a men's style, in which the hair is cut short, but a weighted area is left to fall between the ears and chin.

It was invented in 1909 in Paris by the hairdresser Antoine, who was inspired by "Joan of Arc." In Britain it became popular in "Bloomsbury" circles before the end of the First World War, but was made widely popular in the 1920s by flappers. At the time it was considered a sign of a liberated woman. In 1924 the razor cut shingle bob was introduced.

Source: Wikipedia
Who has the sexiest long hairstyle?
Who has the sexiest long hairstyle?
Who has the sexiest long hairstyle?
Check out these sexy tresses and vote for the celeb who dons the best long hairstyle.

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Caridee English's Inverted Bob Haircut

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Getty Images.CariDee English, who hosts an upcoming Oxygen Network reality show about inner beauty, recently chopped her long, blonde locks into a chin-length edgy bob. She also lightened her color to a near-white hue, which actually gives her a much sexier look.Caridee has kept the strands around her face longer for an inverted look, but has varied lengths for a funkier look than, say, the inverted bob once worn by Victoria Beckham.More pictures of CariDee English (click any image below for...Read Full Story
An inverted bob hairstyle has rounded, head-hugging layers that are undercut (cutting the layers underneath shorter than the ones closer to the crown of your head)

This shorter-in-back style will also show off a long graceful neck, or lengthen a short neck.
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