Wikileaks Video Released

By Livingly Staff on
A new Wikileaks video is making worldwide headlines today.  WikiLeaks is a website that allows people to post information, including photos and videos, that 'powerful interests' would prefer to keep secret.  In this case, that powerful interest is the United States government and military.  Today's Wikileaks video shows a US-led attack on seemingly innocent Iraqi men from 2007.The video has now been posted on YouTube and is being shared on social networking sites including Twitter and...Read Full Story

Iraqi Political Posters Way More Depressing Than American Counterparts

By JJ Duncan on
It's kind of a shock to jump from American-style campaign material into the somber posters plastered across public walls in Iraq leading up to its Jan. 31 elections.Forgive me for possibly reading too much into these images, but if Shepard Fairey's famous "Hope" poster is an expression of the collective optimism Americans feel in response to the new administration, then what does this say? It says "Hi, my country is a bombed-out shell where there's a good chance at least one of my children...Read Full Story