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Isabelle Fuhrman -- Frighteningly talented star of 'Orphan'

By Jake on
Isabelle Fuhrman is about to get a lot of notice in Hollywood.The 12 year old is the star of the horror movie Orphan. From a review of the movie here at Zimbio: And Isabelle Fuhrman, the 12-year-old who brings the intelligent and hauntingly precocious orphan Esther to life, commits a performance that goes beyond the typical big-eyed glower-and-pout perfected by so many other child stars. Fuhrman's Esther, who insists on wearing velvet ribbons on her wrists and neck and has perfected...Read Full Story

'Orphan' Is Deliciously, Horrifically Fun

By Alicia Dennis on
Image via Warner Bros Official Orphan Website. Orphan DIRECTOR: Jaume Collet-Serra STARS: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman, CCH Pounder, Jimmy Bennett, Aryana Engineer RATING: RRUN-TIME: 123 minZIMBIO GRADE: A The horror genre's reliance on the evil child should be dead by now. Rosemary's had her baby, the children of the corn have burned through countless soulless sequels, and even the newish, digital demon child (Samara of The Ring) has likely grown tired of her now...Read Full Story
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