James Wernke, Missing College Athlete, Found Dead

Police in Fullerton, CA believe they have found the body of missing college athlete James Wernke. The 21-year-old baseball pitcher's body was found near a flood control basin.

James Wernke, 21, was last seen taking the yellow Labrador retriever pictured here for a walk Saturday afternoon. (abcnews.com)
Police believe the young man may have wandered into the creek nearby while it was raining, and then fallen into a strong current. Wernke had last been seen walking a friend's dog. The dog has still not been found.

Authorites are still unsure of the nature of Wernke's death. Hours before Wernke's death, he had gone to the gym and talked to his mother. Wernke had at one time been approached by the Oakland A's, but decided to attend college when he did not place highly enough in the draft.
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