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Jamie Leigh Jones quote about the KBR arbitration clause

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"When I decided to pursue a civil suit, I was informed that within my 13-page employment contract that had an additional five pages attached, (there was) included an arbitration clause," Jamie Leigh Jones said in a prepared statement. "I learned that I had signed away my right to a trial by jury."Read Full Story

Jamie Leigh Jones, KBR Rape Case

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When Jamie Leigh Jones agreed to work for KBR in Iraq, she was told that she would be living in a trailer with one other woman.  However, when she arrived in Baghdad, she was stationed in a male barracksJamie claims that she had to fend off constant sexual advances from men and her request to move to another sleeping location was denied. On her 4th day in Iraq, Jamie Leigh Jones was drugged and gang-raped by five to six men.Read Full Story